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"High Roller" Telecaster

This guitar has been transformed from a poor rendition of a 'relic Tele' into a unique piece of art as well as a very desirable instrument. Gambling is the theme with the guitar face covered in a compostion of casino and gambling images. All painted in a mixture of airbrush and freehand paintbrush with dice replacing the tone and vol pots as well as the tuners. This is truly a beautiful guitar. Vintage GFS pickups make this a fabulous sounding Telecaster. Simply beautiful and everything a Telecaster should be, even more so when plugged in.

This amazing Dead Cat Custom guitar can be viewed at Soundland, Fellbach in Stuttgart.

Dead Cat Custom SL-Edition #3. Exclusively at Soundland.de.
Price: €3,690

"High Roller" Telecaster
"High Roller" Telecaster