Custom Guitar Art


If you want to commission me to custom paint your guitar or musical instrument then a few points need explaining.

The cost of a commission will be based on the the complexity of the artwork you want, level of detail in the painting required, materials, paints, model of guitar and whether it is supplied already prepared (dismantled) or not.

All costs are based on studio and workshop hours. Additional costs for any hardware changed (e.g. new pickups, electrics, refretting etc) will of course be added.

To get a flavour of costs for your custom painted guitar I would suggest you telephone or e-mail me to discuss your specific ideas.

After this you will get a quotation which is binding for both sides.
A 30% deposit is required at confirmation of order so that I can plan the project into the current production workflow.

Sometimes a possible commission does not fit with my style of art or application. In this instance I will recommend that you find a studio that fits your specific ideas better.