Hand Painted Guitars


Dead Cat Custom provides a custom painting service for all musical instruments that lend themselves to be painted, be it guitars, violins, drums or brass. I specialise in custom painting electric guitars and violins but I can turn my hand to anything, within reason.

I like to create guitars and musical instruments that stand out from the crowd and thus am interested in using unusual mediums ranging from the normal airbrush paints and acrylics to aluminium sheeting and textured paints to give the instrument a more 3D visual feel, especially when under stage lighting.

I am very meticulous in my work and only ship finished custom painted guitars that pass my high standards of paint and finish.

My studio and workshop is a small setup and I am not trying to compete with the larger type of guitar finishers, but am looking at producing very personalised and unique guitars.

I work very closely with a luthier here in Stuttgart who designs and builds guitars. Together we cover the whole range of guitar building and custom guitar painting.

The sky's the limit! It just depends on your budget.