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"Coppered Strat"

This guitar has been airbrushed and hand painted in a Copper coloured theme. The pickguard has been covered in a thin layer of crumpled copper foil. The volume and tone pots have been painted in different colours to compliment the overall look of the guitar. Pickups are GFS Vintage and the covers have been individually painted in metallic effect paints and gold and copper leaf. The pickup cavities and control cavities have been fully 'copper shielded' inside the body. The neck has been sanded to a very fine natural maple wood finish with no stain or lacquer applied, which makes this guitar an absolute joy to play.

This beautiful Dead Cat Custom guitar is totally unique and can be viewed at Soundland, Fellbach in Stuttgart.

Dead Cat Custom SL-Edition #1. Exclusively at Soundland.de.
Price: €2,690

"Coppered Strat"
"Coppered Strat"