Bernie's Guitar

Hey Howard,

Just a few words about my experience with the guitar after her first two gigs. I bought this guitar (well, it was not this, as you will notice) because I needed a real 3 Single Coil Strat. But it was shit, so I changed pickups, the neck and the body and the neck again and painted it blue, as you have seen it. So I liked it very much, for it was a good guitar. But what you have done to it, makes really unique. I don't really care about how my equipment and my guitars look, but what happens now, is that I feel vibes in it - I cannot really say what it is, but it inspires me much more than it did before when it was just a good guitar. I'm gonna take this baby now out to play many free stage sessions to tell about it and what has happened - although I don't believe that much in spiritual things.

Thank you for giving a piece of your art for my inspiration.