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"Grim Reaper" Dean Cadillac 1980

Jörn Langenfeld is a guitarist with the bands Illuminate and Subconscious. He is also a solo recording artist. He wanted his Dean Cadillac 1980 custom painted in the theme 'death in a funny way'. The finished graphic from Dead Cat Custom's artist Howard Reynolds shows a graveyard filled with deceased musicians and the Grim Reaper asking "Wanna join my band?" With matching headstock this stunning guitar has been painstakingly airbrushed and hand painted. All hardware is gold and standard.

Jörn Langenfeld: http://www.joernlangenfeld.de

Illuminate: http://www.illuminate.de/index.php?lang_id=2&showid=22&katid=0&sn=1

Subconscious: http://www.myspace.com/subconsciousmetal

"Grim Reaper" Dean Cadillac 1980
"Grim Reaper" Dean Cadillac 1980